Theses & Dissertations

Doctoral Dissertations

Name Year Dept. Institution Title / Topic
Jason Bremner 2013 City & Regional Planning UNC-CH Population Mobility and Livelihood Diversification among Indigenous Peoples of the Ecuadorian Amazon
Christine M. Erlien 2008 Geography UNC-CH Household and community effects on land use/land cover dynamics in the northern Ecuadorian Amazon.
Clark Gray 2008 Geography UNC-CH Out-Migration, Rural Livelihoods, and Environmental Change in the Southern Ecuadorian Andes
Carlos F. Mena 2007 Geography UNC-CH Characterizing and modeling agricultural and forest trajectories in the northern Ecuadorian Amazon: spatial heterogeneity, socioeconomic drivers, and spatial simulations
Alisson Barbieri 2005 City & Regional Planning UNC-CH People, Land, and Context: Multi-scale Dimensions of Population Mobility in the Ecuadorian Amazon.
William K. Pan 2003 Biostatistics UNC-CH A Multilevel Statistical and Spatial Analysis to Examine the Relationship Between Population and Environment: A Case Study of the Ecuadorian Amazon.
Joseph P. Messina 2001 Geography UNC-CH A Complex Systems Approach to Dynamic Spatial Simulation Modeling: LandUse and LandCover Change in the Ecuadorian Amazon.
Flora E-Shen Lu 1999 Curriculum in Ecology UNC-CH Changes in Subsistence Patterns and Resource Use of the Huaorani Indians in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Master Theses

Name Year Dept. Institution Title
Patricia E. Polo 2008 Geography UNC-CH Nature-culture interactions: understanding the prevalence of malaria in the northern Ecuadorian Amazon.
Carlos F. Mena 2001 Environmental Studies Florida International University Deforestation Rates in the Napo Basin: Spatial Patterns and Socioeconomic Factors.
Philip M. McDaniel 2000 Geography UNC-CH Household and Community Drivers of Land Clearing: Human-Environment Interactions in the Ecuadorian Amazon.
Gabriela Valdivia 1999 Geography UNC-CH Colonization, comunas and reserves: the ecology of land use and land cover change in indigenous communities of northeastern Ecuador.

Bachelors Theses

Name Year Dept. Institution Title
Francis Baquero 2001 Geographic & Environmental Engineering Escuela Politécnica del Ejército Determinación de la Ecoregion en el Nororiente de la Provincia de Esmeraldas – Fase Piloto.
Luis Alonso Vallejo 2001 Universidad Técnica Estatal de Quevedo Diagnóstico Agroeconómico de los Cultivos de Café (Coffea canephora) y Cacao (Theobroma cacao) en la Provincia de Sucumbíos.
Bolier Torres 2000 Universidad Técnica Estatal de Quevedo Análisis de los Impactos del Proyecto Agroforestal PROFORS sobre el Uso de Tierras en la Provincia de Sucumbíos, 1991-99.